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Why 1PUTT?

The Problem

The biggest challenge golf clubs face today is attracting a new audience of golfers in preparation for the future.

The new generation of golfers are more difficult to market to than ever and are being bombarded with advertising everywhere they look. Below are some of the barriers that prevent many golfers under the age of 40 from playing:

Lack of time

Younger golfers are time poor. They want their weekend activities to be fast and action-packed. For many, golf represents a challenge that requires too much patience and waiting around.

Poor online experience

Younger golfers are very comfortable searching and buying not just online but on their smartphones. A poorly designed online experience can be a major barrier against playing.

Lacking social experience

The most important part of playing golf is that they are doing it with people of their age group and demographic. They also want to share their experiences with friends, on social media.

'Stuffy' atmospheres

Unfortunately, golf has been known to carry a stigma that means many believe that golf is not perceived as a 'cool' enough game to play.

Our Solution

Unlike any other marketing agency, our focus is on providing a tailored experience for the modern player. Through creating this new and unique experience at your venue, we offer a completely new way to drive more golfers to your Club. Below are some of the ways that we break down the barriers above to drive participation and engagement.

Fast-paced & exciting

The 1PUTT format and experience is built to cut out the boring and time consuming elements of golf and focus on the exciting parts, meaning there is never a dull moment.

Excellent online presence

1PUTT designs all their material in-house so it looks great across all platforms and stands out in a hyper-competitive marketplace. We also support technologies such as live scoring to make the experience more intuitive.

Very social

Our events create an atmosphere where people can have fun and meet new people and everything can be shared through social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

A 'cool' brand

All that we do associates golf with being a cool thing to do. Golf should no longer be seen as a Grandad's sport by those who are not familiar with the game.

Your Benefits

1: Reach a New Audience

By leveraging the 1PUTT brand, you boost your marketing and  offer a unique experience to your desired audience of golfers.  The content that we create for you can be used for as long as you wish.

2: Drive Revenue

As a boosted number golfers descend on your course for the event,  expect a spike in your bar and pro shop revenue in addition to the long-term marketing benefits.