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1PUTT reinvents the golf experience, to make the game more exciting and accessible for all player abilities.

With bigger holes, a fresh atmosphere and innovative formats, it's golf, reinvented.


Big Holes.

Did you know that the traditional golf hole is only the size it is because of a drainpipe in St. Andrews in 1457?

The trademark oversized 1PUTT holes speed up play, lower the importance of short putts and increase your chance of chip-ins and the elusive hole-in-1!

Innovative Formats.

Our playing formats are team-based and encourage fast, aggressive play.

"1PUTT Scramble" - Teams of 2-5 where everyone hits but only the best shot is taken each time.

"1PUTT Best Ball" - Teams of 2-5 where everyone plays their own ball and the best score is taken each hole.

Team-based ✓

Encourages fast, aggressive play ✓

No handicaps ✗

No complex terminology ✗

A New Atmosphere.

We create an unrecognisable atmosphere from the traditional golf experience, turning the old fashioned notions of playing golf on its head.


On-course Music

Turn up the tunes as you play via the speakers on the course or a bluetooth speaker on your bag to ramp up the atmosphere.


Après-Golf Bars

Refresh at our trademark on-course and 'après-golf' bars to ensure there is never a dull moment during your round.


Relaxed Dress Codes

With no need to wear technical and often expensive golf gear, wear what feels most comfortable on course.


Club Hire

We provide all clubs and golfing equipment so all you have to do is turn up!



If playing still really isn't your thing, then get on the bag. No excuses not to get involved!


Live Scoring

Score your round via a smartphone or handheld device and view live leaderboards to add to the tension.


Not for the faint hearted, our special events end with the ultimate playoff: The Shootout. Step up to the plate and go for glory in front of the crowd!


18 teams of 4 go head-to-head at a 2018 1PUTT pop-up event 
A one-off special event at Durham University, featuring the epic 'Shootout' hole where 8 mixed pairs competed in a straight knockout.