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A New Golf Experience.

1PUTT is a new golf movement which aims to excite and inspire the new generation of players.


Bridging the Disconnect.

1PUTT was born out of the mission to bridge the disconnect between what the modern player is looking for in a golf experience and what is currently available.

The golf industry has a difficult task of making itself appealing to a variety of audiences, but one of the most challenging areas is attracting the new generation of players coming through.

Creating a New Context.

Rather than changing the game, our mission is to alter the context that surrounds golf. We believe that it's necessary to look outside of the current golfing paradigms to reach new audiences and associate golf as a cool, modern sport.


Questioning the Status Quo.

The initial idea for our concept came from two brothers reading an article about how novel ideas can evolve the game of golf, and how it could learn from what other sports have done.

The bigger hole, which was also the inspiration for the name 1PUTT, is just one of the ways we show that we are willing to think differently and bring more people into the game.


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